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The HeliCoil product portfolio includes - Genuine HeliCoil Product Range available as HeliCoil Wire Thread Inserts - Free Running Inserts & Screw Locking Inserts, HeliCoil inserts of Nimonic 90, Nitronic 60, Titanium alloys, Inconel X-750, Phosphorus Bronze, and various other Space Age Metals, in addition to the standard range of HeliCoil available in 18-8 Grades of Stainless Steel such as SS-304, SS-316 and DTD 734. Also available are variety of Thread Repair Kits - HeliCoil Professional Kits, HeliCoil Master Kits, HeliCoil After Market Kits, HeliCoil Insertion Tools, HeliCoil Thread Taps, HeliCoil Thread Plug Gauges, HeliCoil Extraction Tools, HeliCoil Manual Tang Break off Tools, HeliCoil Automatic Spring Loaded Tang Break off Tools and Semi-Automatic & Automatic equipment for HeliCoil installation.

Genuine HeliCoil products

Helicoil Thread Repair Kit - Professional

Helicoil Heli-coils
Heli coil

All HeliCoil Thread Repair Kits including the Professional Thread Repair Kits are used for creating stronger internal threads in all metals, composites, polymers and other materials by repairing damaged or stripped internal threads and regaining the original thread size. HeliCoil Thread Repair Kit creates longer lasting durable threads, avoids thread over-sizing, increases the possibility of higher torque application in weaker metals, significantly reduces the bolt breaking problems & HeliCoil being made of stainless steel protects against atmospheric corrosion. HeliCoil Professional Thread Repair Kits include everything required to do the job right – good number of inserts each of 3 lengths (short, medium & long) for multiple applications, HSS drill bit ,Finishing tap, installation tool and tang breaking tool – all in a rugged new box. These kits are available in metric range from M2 to M12 and in UNC/UNF range "4-40 to 1/2”.

Helicoil installation

Helicoil Thread Repair Kit - Master

Heli-coil Helicoil

HeliCoil Master Thread Repair Kit once again contains everything required to do the job right – good number of inserts of standard length (1.5D), HSS drill bit, Finishing tap, installation tool and tang breaking tool – all in a rugged box. These kits are available in metric range from M14 to M20, M24 upto M36 and in UNC/UNF range 9/16” to 1-1/2” .


Helicoil Thread Repair Kit - After Market

Helicoil Helicoil
Heli coils

HeliCoil After Market Thread Repair Kits are available in economy packs with all basic tools required to perform a thread repair. Each kit has a finishing tap, installation tool, a good quantity of 1.5D length of inserts, tang breaking pin and complete instructions. These kits are available as selective range in metric from M4 to M20 and in UNC/UNF range 8-32 to 1/2”.


Helicoil Free Running Inserts

Heli-coils Helicoil

HeliCoil standard range is available in Stainless Steel AISI-304/ DTD734, metric series ranges from M1.6, M2 to M56 & in unified series from UNC / UNF 1-64 to 1-1/2 inch. HeliCoil is also available in strip feed or reel mounted form, HeliCoil in strip feed form are best suited for significantly reducing the installation time using power tool for installation of inserts.

HeliCoil Inserts or Wire Thread Inserts are made of cold rolled 18-8 grade Stainless Steel to AS7245 , MIL-I-8846 & DTD734 specifications. This wire is cold rolled to a diamond cross section producing an ultimate tensile strength of approximately 1375-1725 MPa, mirror like surface finish of 2-4 Microns and flank hardness of RC 43-50 which is far in excess of the usual tapped materials and best suited for most of the industrial needs. HeliCoil Inserts can also be supplied in other materials such as SS-316, Inconel X-750, Titanium Alloys, Nimonic 90, Nitronic 60, Phosphorus Bronze, Beryllium Copper and with special coating and plating requirements such as Cadmium plating, Silver plating, Zinc plating, Nickel plating and dry film lubricants, Anti- Corrosion/ Salt spray resistant coatings.


Helicoil Screw Locking / Self Locking Inserts

Heli-coils Heli-coil
Helicoil installation

HeliCoil Screw Locking Insert as standard is available in Stainless Steel AISI-304/ DTD 734 . Metric series ranges from M2 to M39 & unified series from UNC / UNF 1-64 to 1-1/2 inch. HeliCoil Screw Lock Insert is also available in strip feed or reel mounted form .
HeliCoil Locking Insert provides an exclusive, resilient internal locking thread that grips the bolt and prevents it from loosening under vibration or impact. One or more coils of the HeliCoil insert, having a series of straight segments/ chords, achieve locking action. HeliCoil Locking Insert permits repeated assembly and disassembly and will not relax their grip on the screw even in tough metals such as cast iron, alloy steel, titanium, etc. HeliCoil Locking Insert positively secures threaded members against loosening caused by vibration and shock. HeliCoil Locking Insert has a high reusable factor permitting frequent removal and reassembly of bolt without appreciable loss of torque. It has positive self-locking torque, complying with NASM8846, MA1565 and MIL-N-25027. It eliminates the usage of lock wiring, lock nuts, lock washers, chemical compounds, plastic pellets/ patches and other locking mechanisms. The HeliCoil Locking Inserts are subjected to extensive tests in tension, torque, shear, vibration and fatigue, conducted by the American & European companies. Its applications include sectors like Aviation & Aerospace, Electronics, Industrial, Automotive and Military.

wire thread inserts

Helicoil Tangless Inserts

Helicoil Heli-coil

Emhart Heli-Coil® Tangless Inserts eliminate tang break-off and retrieval and are easily adjusted or removed after installation. The Bi-Directional Design installs quickly and easily from either end of the insert. HELI-COIL Tangless inserts have a bi-directional design allowing the insert to be installed from either end Tangless inserts are available as free running & screw locking Types, with all regular coatings.
Heli-Coil Tangless screw lock inserts provide a positive, self-locking torque and comply with both MIL-I-8846 /NASM8846 and NAS1130 requirements.
Typical Tangless NAS1130 Parts can be identified as in the product linecard available at this site.

Heli coil

Helicoil Military and Aerospace Standard Parts

Heli coils Heli coils
Heli coil

Heli-Coil inserts and tooling comply with the following standards and Specifications:

• MS122076 ; NASM122076 thru MS122275 ; NASM122275. Insert, corrosion resistant Helical Coil   Coarse Thread (Inch Series)

• MS124651 ; NASM124651 thru MS124850 ; NASM124850. Insert, corrosion resistant Helical Coil   Fine Thread (Inch Series)

• MS21209, NASM21209. Insert Screw Thread – Self Locking (Inch Series)

• MS33537, NASM33537. Insert – Standard Dimensions, Assembly

• NASM8846. Insert, Screw Thread, Helical Coil

• MA1565. Insert, Screw Thread,Helical Coil (Metric Series)

• MA1567. Insert, Screw Thread, Helical Coil (Metric Series), Standard Dimensions,Assembly

• MA3279, 3280, 3281. Insert, Screw Thread, Helical Coil (Metric Series), Screw-Locking

• A-A-59158. Tools for inserting and extracting Helical Coil Inserts

• FED-STD-H28. Screw Thread Standards for Federal/Services

• AS3094 thru 3097/AS3080 thru 3083 Special Locking Torque Inserts

Other special standards & parts such as:

  • AGS3600, AGS3700, AGS4677, AS6733, AS6734, AS8455, AS8456, AS3094 – AS3097, BACi12AE, DHS1673, DHS1674, DSR1002, DSR1003, DSR2786, DSR3359LN9039, LN9039A, LN9499, LN9499A, NAS1130, NSN5340, P312201, P312219

  • GE part series N926AP, N926BP, N926SP, N926CP, N926


Helicoil Insertion Tools

Helicoil Helicoil insert
Helicoil Insertion Tools

HeliCoil Insertion Tools - Prewinder Type are available as both plain slotted and threaded mandrel captive & non-capitive tools ranging from size M1.6, M2 – M39 and in UNC / UNF category from 1-64 to 1-1/2”. HeliCoil insertion tools comes in variety of configurations such as Threaded Mandrel Type Insertion Tool Threaed Mandrel Prewinder tools having threaded nozzle: Tool is available as both Capitive & Non-Capitive type depending on size & pitch. Plain Mandrel Prewinder tools having threaded nozzle: Tool is available as both Capitive & Non-Capitive type depending on size & pitch. Larger insertion tool sizes are also available & made on request. HeliCoil Prewinder tools are best suited for easy & fatigue free installation of inserts in production line to achieve a high quality of HeliCoil insert installation & prevent jumping of coil threads. Threaded mandrel prewinders are also best recommended for successful installation of screw locking inserts and free running inserts having a fine thread pitch.


Helicoil Thread Cutting Taps

Helicoil Helicoil

HeliCoil Threading Taps are available in HSS material as standard product and as specials in HSSE or HSS with High Cobalt contents. In addition the taps can also be provided with special wear resistant coatings.
Standard HeliCoil taps are designed and manufactured of high speed steel to the most rigid specifications in various types and styles to produce holes for tolerance class 4H5H and 5H6H in Metric series and of class 2B/3B in UNC/UNF series for use in the general range of aluminums, magnesiums, mild steels and alloy steels.

Types of HeliCoil taps:
HeliCoil Hand taps; Roughing, Finishing ( Plug ) & Bottoming Style 
HeliCoil Spiral Pointed Machine Taps
HeliCoil Spiral Fluted Machine Taps


Helicoil Thread Plug Gauges

Helicoil Helicoil

HeliCoil Gauges are available as Go/No Go thread plug gauges for inspection of tapped holes prior to HeliCoil fitment. The gauges are available in 5H & 6H class for Metric sizes and 2B/3B for UNC/UNF sizes.
Accuracy of the finished thread when the insert is installed is dependent upon the accuracy of the tapped hole. If the finished tapped hole gages satisfactorily, the installed insert will be within the thread tolerance. It is not necessary to gage the installed insert. After the insert is installed, the GO thread plug gage may not enter freely; however, the insert will always seat itself when the bolt or screw is installed and tightened. (Reference NASM33537).
Gage handles and all gage nibs are marked with the extreme product limits for the particular size and class of fit. When gaging tapped holes which have been thoroughly cleaned or which have a protective finish applied, the gage should always be lubricated with light oil. HI nib may enter provided a definite drag results on or before 3rd turn from entry – Ref. FEDSTD-H28, Screw thread Standards for Federal Services.

Working gages provide a guaranteed minimum wear allowance on the pitch diameter of the GO members of two ten thousandths of an inch (.0002). These gages are recommended for production in sizes 1/2 inch and smaller.
Reference gages have pitch diameters on or close to minimum (basic size). They are essentially laboratory or master gages and should be used in case of conflict between two working gages. Conflict can occur when one of the gages has experienced more use and wear.
The complete gage consists of the GO thread plug gage, the HI thread plug gage and the appropriately marked gage handle. Accuracy of the finished thread, when the insert is installed, is dependent upon the accuracy of the tapped hole.


Helicoil Tang Break-Off & Extraction Tools

Helicoil Helicoil

The driving tangs of HeliCoil Inserts should be removed to eliminate their interference with the end of the assembled bolt. Their removal provides greater latitude in the depth location of the bolt. Manual Tang Break-Off Tools are available for use with inserts up through 18mm / 3/4" nominal diameter. Auto /Spring Loaded Tang Break-Off Tools are available for use with inserts up through 12mm / 1/2" nominal diameter. The operation of Auto Tang Break-Off Tools is automatic, having a spring loaded, easily triggered punch that strikes a sharp, uniform blow against the tang of the installed insert. It can be operated with one hand. For larger sizes use long nosed pliers. Bend tang up and down to snap off at notch. Tools to remove HeliCoil Inserts are available for ranges M1.6, M2 – M2.2, 2.5 - 4.5mm, 3 - 8,. 5 - 10mm, 10 - 3/8", 11 - 24mm, 7/16" - 1", 27 - 39mm, 1-1/8" - 1-1/2". Extraction is done by applying the tool to the insert, striking the head of the tool a light blow and turning it counterclockwise, maintaining steady downward pressure.


Re-Designed Heli-Coil® Power Tool Holder

Helicoil Helicoil

The re-designed Heli-Coil power tool holder utilizes a strong tubular design to decrease weight and increase rigidity and tool support. The new unit now features a solid base that can be bolted to the work surface to maintain perpendicularity between the tool and the work piece. Because of this, the tool holder is especially recommended for use with small thread sizes (#2-56, M2.2, M2.5) and is ideal for use in applications with inserts to be installed within the same plane.
Additional features include a filter-regulator-lubricator mount and insert reel mounting arm. The tool can be quickly and easily converted for use with either the traditional air operated installation tool or the Heli-Coil Electronic Installation System.


Features & Benefits

  • Provides precise, vertical positioning of the Heli-Coil Power Installation Tool

  • Adjusts easily without tools

  • Arm can be locked in place for permanent positioning

  • Includes arm for Heli-Coil Strip-Feed Insert reels

  • Up to 27" Reach

  • Lightweight

  • Portable

  • Base designed for optional permanent mounting

  • Order Part Number 13537


The New Heli-Coil® "One Step Automation" Tool

Helicoil Helicoil

The Heli-Coil One Step Automation Tool system has been designed to combine the insert installation and tang break-off procedure into one operation.
Currently available for large thread sizes, this tool features logic control to maintain optimum installation and tang break-off speeds, minimizing assembly times. The high quality mandrel/punch design ensures the same dependable tool life and accuracy as our standard power tools. This tool incorporates two-handed operation to aid tool alignment with the workpiece. Additionally, the Combo Tool system is small enough to be integrated into most assembly line environments with minimal effort and works well with strip feed inserts.

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