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Dodge Inserts for Plastics

Dodge® threaded inserts for plastics are brass screw machine products designed to provide strong metal threads in plastic components. They are available with various knurl and undercut patterns to suit almost any threaded assembly application in plastic. Dodge® inserts can be installed in a variety of ways including ultrasonic welding, hot or cold press-in, mold-in and self threading. Typical Applications would include Automotive Computers, Communication, Aerospace, Defense, Medical industries.

Dodge Dodge

Dodge® Insert Installation

Dodge® Inserts can be installed using ultrasonic equipment (moderate to high production) or thermal installation equipment (prototype work and low quantity production). Thermal equipment can be as simple as a soldering iron held by hand or mounted in an arbor or drill press. More refined equipment is available with adjustments and settings for precise, uniform installations.

Dodge Insert Range & Selection

Ultrasert I

• Fluted for ultrasonic or heat installation
• Tapered for accurate positioning prior to installation
• Vertical flutes provide high torque resistance
• Stepped inclined ribs provide optimum tensile strength
• Gradual external taper optimizes flow of plastic for rapid and smooth installationDodge

Ultrasert IV Flange

• Same as Ultrasert IV but with flange on the knurled end
• Flange provides a large bearing surface, an advantage in weaker plastics
Dodge• Provides high strength when used in a reverse screw entry where the load is taken up by the flange, i.e.   screw entry opposite flange end
• Ideal for use as electrical contact or fastening terminal connectors


Dodge• Provides positive seal between insert and parent material for use in pressure applications utilizing high   temperature O-ring
• Eliminates the need to mold or machine threads
• Easily installs with heat
• Available in 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 NPTF threads

Ultrasert II & Ultrasert II Screw-Lock
• Most widely accepted and used
• Tapered for easy heat or ultrasonic installation
• Diagonal knurls for optimum torque resistance
• Undercuts for superior tensile strength
• Screw-Lock has unique locking element for vibration applications
• Eliminates need for plastic pellets or patches on screws
• Ideal for adjusting screw applications
• Avaliable in two lengths for design flexibility; Screw-Lock in long length only.

Ultrasert III
• Designed for high volume production
• Can be installed ultrasonically, with heat, or molded in
• Symmetrical design eliminates orientation before installation
• Ideal for automated installation feeders
• Lead-in pilots at both ends assure accurate positioning prior to installation
• Opposing diagonal knurls provide torque resistance
• Undercuts provide tensile strengthDodge

Ultrasert IV
• Designed for installation in straight holes
• Lead-in pilot at end assures accurate positioning prior to installationDodge
• Opposing diagonal knurls provide excellent torque resistance
• Undercuts provide tensile strength

• Revolutionary two-piece design allows full thread engagement without the need for extra space
• Controlled minor diameter reduces insert movement during molding assuring accurate alignment
• Unique counterbore accurately positions insert over molding pin and allows for easy bolt entry during   assembly
• No machining chips to contaminate final product
• Can also be installed using heat

Miniature Inserts
• Available in two styles to accommodate various applications
• Symmetrical style is designed for high volume production, no special orientation required saving time and   lowering overall cost
• Flanged style provides larger bearing surface which is ideal for electrical contact and provides high strength in reverse   screw entry application
• Either style can be installed with heat

Compression Limiters
• Non-threaded bushing to take bolt load instead of the part
• Eliminates bending or cracking of plastic part due to tightening of bolt
• Custom designed for each application
• Can be installed with heat or ultrasonics

Standard Expansion
• Installs without heat or ultrasonicsDodge
• Easy to install, two piece insert for use in blind holes in thermoset or thermoplastic materials
• Depressing the captivated spreader plate expands the knurled portion, permanently anchoring the insert
• Can be installed protruding above the surface for use as a locating device

DodgeFlanged & Clinch Expansion
• Flanged insert is ideal for electrical contact or fastening terminal connections
• Can also be used to join mating parts by inserting through mating part and into receiving hole of   parentmaterial
• Clinch insert is same as the Flanged insert but can be clined over a terminal connector for electricalcontact
• Used extensively in electrical industry
• Simultaneous installation and clinching operation using simple press-type tool
• Both styles are excellent for use in thin-section applications since flange absorbs much of the installation force
• Both styles install by depressing the captive spreader plate which expands the knurled portion, permanently anchoring   the insert

Self Threading & Flanged Self Threading
• Internally and externally threaded with two slots which provide cutting edges similar to a tap
Dodge• Insert cuts its own thread when driven into a cored or drilled hole
• Friction between insert and plastic permanently anchors the insert
• Can be installed with a tap wrench or drill press with tapping head
• Available with or without a flange

Spred-Lok Dodge
• One-piece insert with unique, slotted, expandable outside diameter
• Can be installed in thermoset or thermoplastic materials
• No special tooling required — simply press in
• Mating screw expands the insert locking it in place
• Use in blind or through holes
• Available with or without a flange

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