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Helicoil Drill Chart helicoil heli-coil
The minimum drilling depths shown below allow for the following recommended practices:
  1. Countersinking the drilled hole to prevent a feather edge at the start of the tapped hole.
  2. 3/4 - 1-1/2 pitch of insert "set down" to allow for maximum production tolerance. Dimensions are shown for both plug and bottoming taps.
Helicoil-chart helicoil heli-coil
Helicoil Drilling Data - Metric  
For plug Taps 5/16" or M8 and smaller. F is equal to the insert nominal length (Q) + ½ the nominal bolt diameter + 5 Pitch (allowing for tap chamfer, countersink and maximum “set-down”).

For Plug Taps 3/8" or M10 and larger F is equal to the insert nominal length (Q) + 5 Pitch (allowing for tap chamfer, counter sink and maximum “set-down”).

For bottoming Taps. F is equal to the insert nominal length (Q) + 3 Pitch (allowing for tap chamfer, countersink and maximum “set-down”).
Helicoil-Drill-chart helicoil heli-coil
Helicoil-Chart Metric Drilled Hole dimensions helicoil heli-coil
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