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Helicoil Insertion Tool helicoil heli-coil
Helicoil Tooling
Types of Tools
The various tools to install Heli-Coil inserts are presented on the following pages. For production runs, prototype work, salvage, and repair, hand inserting tools are available. For high volume production, power inserting tools are also available. Both types of tools are dimensioned (pages 29 and 31) to aid determination of accessibility to the tapped hole. Both hand and power inserting tools feature a threaded mandrel which engages the insert and provides a positive lead to guide the insert into the tapped hole easily and quickly. Power inserting tools consist of an air motor, adapter and front end assembly. The front end assembly consists of a prewinder, mandrel and 3 spacers (1 for each length of insert to be installed). The versatility and adaptability of Heli-Coil power inserting tools is shown on page 32.
Tool Service
All Heli-Coil tooling is backed by our extensive expertise and experience in virtually any application. Of course, all tools are fully warranteed.
In addition, our Application Engineering Department is always available to assist in installation techniques, special tooling (longer or shorter length tools, etc.) and tool service. For very high production, Heli-Coil will provide for the successful development of automated installation systems.
Hand Insertign Tools
Helicoil tool helicoil heli-coil
Helicoil helicoil heli-coil
Helicoil Hand Inserting Tool Dimensions helicoil heli-coil
Helicoil inch power inserting tool
Heli-Coil power tools are available in UNC and UNF sizes #2 thru 1/2"* for rapid installation of Heli-Coil inserts. Power tools consist of a Front End Assembly, an Adapter and a reversible Air Motor. All three components are ordered separately. A Front End Assembly consists of a prewinder, mandrel and spacers. Select the adapter that corresponds with the insert size being used. Power tools for strip feed inserts are
available in sizes #2 through 5/16".
Helicoil helicoil heli-coil
Helicoil metric power inserting tools
Heli-Coil metric power inserting tools are available in coarse and fine sizes up to 12mm* for rapid installation of standard and screw-lock
inserts, reducing assembly costs substantially. Strip feed power tools are available in sizes up to 7mm. They speed up assembly, eliminate
waste and permit an accurate count.

Power tools consist of a Font End Assembly, an Adapter and a reversible Air Motor. All three components are ordered individually.
A front end assembly consists of a prewinder, mandrel and spacers. Select an Adapter that is compatible with the Air Motor to be used, and
for the size range up thru 6mm or the size range 7mm thru 12mm.
For evaluating space required for installing Heli-Coil inserts with standard manual, pneumatic and electronic inserting tools and tang break-off tools, the diagrams on pages 29 & 31 give dimensions of standard Heli-Coil tooling. For special variations or adaptations, contact the Applications Engineering Department at (203) 830-3274. Helicoil
Helicoil helicoil heli-coil
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